Who We Are:
Washington State for Public Safety (WSPS) is a not for profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to ensuring that civilly committed sexually violent predators (SVPs) are not placed into residential neighborhoods in Washington State.

About SVPs:
A sexually violent predator (SVP) is more dangerous than a level III sex offender; if Washington State had a level IV status, it would apply to sexually violent predators.

To learn more about SVPs, click here.

What We Are Doing:
Since our founding in 2018, WSPS has worked within Kitsap County to see the county and several cities within the county pass zoning ordinances to prohibit the siting of facilities for multiple SVPs into residentially zoned areas. We have also sought legal recourse to shut down the home for SVPs on Viking Way in Poulsbo. To learn more about the ongoing legal battle, please click here. WSPS has worked with Kitsap County leaders and Senator Christine Rolfes to prioritize the safety of our communities in conditional releases of civilly committed sexually violent predators. We are proud to announce Senate Bill 6436, to learn more click here.