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Help us Stop the Placement of SVPs in Residential Neighborhoods!

Kitsap County Needs Your Input!

As explained in more detail on the ‘Newsroom’ page here, the county is asking for public comment regarding the recent zoning ordinance. Links are included here to:

The Ordinance

The Zoning Map

The County’s FAQ (Please read before commenting)

The Online Comment form

Our Continued Struggle

WSPS urges you to contact your elected local, county and state officials, and demand that they work to stop the unsafe placement of civilly committed Sexually Violent Predators in residential neighborhoods.

This has been happening covertly. There has not been proper notification. No specific warnings were given to homeowners, communities or even local officials. The concentration of civilly committed sexually violent predators in a single home in our neighborhoods threatens the emotional and physical safety of the entire community, and lowers property values as well, as Washington State’s own studies show.

Again, we urge you, our fellow citizens, to contact your elected officials via email or letter. WSPS has provided two customizable templates to assist you:

Email Template to Elected Officials – 23rd Legislative District

Letter Template to Elected Officials – 23rd Legislative District

Contact Information for Elected Officials

Sign the Kitsap County Petition

Printable Resources

Kitsap County Commissioner Response Request

WSPS Brochure: A tri-fold brochure containing a great deal of information and calls to action. If you have a printer capable of two-sided printing, make sure to tell it to flip on the short side to ensure proper alignment.

Kitsap County Printable Petition: This version is printable for presentation to groups or individuals in person. It is two-sided, with the front providing a good deal of information and a small number of signature lines, and the back side providing many more signature lines. It is formatted such that a one sided print will be adequate if printing limitations don’t allow easy duplexing.

Poulsbo Community Alert Flyer